Ongeziene renovatie: architect bouwt oude cementfabriek om en woont hier nu

580Wonen in een oud fabriekspand, het is niet nieuw, maar deze spectaculaire renovatie is wél zo goed als ongezien. ‘La Fábrica’ is de naam van het project van architect Ricardo Bofill. Hij woont in een oude cementfabriek in de buurt van Barcelona.

Het industriële complex bestond in 1973 – toen Bofill het kocht – uit meer dan dertig silo’s, ondergrondse gangen, tal van machinekamers, trappen die naar nergens leidden, ijzeren plafonds,… Vandaag, bijna 45 jaar later, is het een architecturale parel geworden.

Acht silo’s van het gebouw dat stamt uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog, werden behouden. Ze liggen in een groene omgeving en worden ‘opgefleurd’ door eucalyptusbomen, palmbomen, olijfbomen en cypressen. Op de daken zijn mossen en grassen aangebracht. De silo’s bieden onderdak aan kantoorruimtes en een laboratorium, maar er is ook een archiefruimte, een bibliotheek en een gigantische zaal – ‘The Cathedral’ genaamd – waar concerten en tentoonstellingen plaatsvinden. In een ander deel van het complex woont de architect met zijn gezin.

Om het gebouw leefbaar te maken, werd een volledig team opgetrommeld dat anderhalf jaar dagelijks in de weer was met sloophamers en dynamiet. “Een precisiewerk”, zegt de architect daarover. En hoewel het plaatje er fantastisch uitziet, “blijft dit altijd onvoltooid”.

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Foto’s van Ricardo Bofill

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Subtropisch zwemparadijs Tropicana, of wat er van over is…


Het was ooit Rotterdams trots, subtropisch zwemparadijs Tropicana. Maar wat ooit het mooiste zwembad van Nederland was, ligt er nu vervallen bij. Op 29 augustus 2010 sloot Tropicana haar deuren. Bouke van Veen van Voormedia nam een kijkje om oude herinneringen op te halen. Gewapend met Drone en Camera gingen ze op pad. Dit is wat ze aantroffen…

Photographer Takes Stunning Photos Of Lost Mongolian Tribe

The Dukha believe they have a spiritual connection with all animals.

The connection allows them to feel at home in nature and maintain their culture despite the growing influence of the outside world.

It’s breathtaking to see the Dukha tribe and their relationship with the natural world. The way they’ve preserved their way of life is just incredible. Let’s pray it will remains intact this way…

[Source: Messynesschic]

photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami

via Photographer Takes Stunning Photos Of Lost Mongolian Tribe.

A Compendium of Abandoned Greenhouses

Why have so many of these beautiful glass forests, both private and commercial, been forgotten by us? Perhaps in a mass-producing world it’s naïve of me to be asking. And as one photographer from my endless search points out about the fate of the abandoned greenhouse: “once left to rot, it might not be doing much “rotting” as it is growing”.

Lead photograph taken in Philedelphia by Jeff Weisberg

Let us dip our toes into the compendium of documented abandoned greenhouses of the world, thanks to all the photographers out there that share a curious fascination for these forgotten glass forests…

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A Compendium of Abandoned Greenhouses | Messy Nessy Chic.

2014 herzien

De statistieken hulpaapjes van heeft een 2014 jaarlijks rapport voor deze blog voorbereid.

Hier is een fragment:

In een San Francisco kabelbaan passen 60 mensen. Deze blog werd in 2014 ongeveer 710 keer bekeken. Als je blog een kabelbaan zou zijn, zou die ongeveer 12 reizen nodig hebben voordat die zoveel mensen zou kunnen vervoeren.

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Treasure trove of classic cars worth £12M found on French farm after 50 years

The Ferrari left, once sat in my Jane Fonda, was found under newspapers

A £12million treasure trove of 60 rusting classic cars left languishing on a French farm for 50 years has gone up for auction.

The haul of motors, which includes dozens of vintage sports cars, was found gathering dust under piles of newspapers in garages and barns on a farm in western France.

Among the vehicles up for sale are a Ferrari once sat in by Jane Fonda and a Talbot-Lago previously owned by extravagant Egyptian King Farouk. 

A Talbot-Lago T26 Cabriolet, owned by Egyptian King Farouk

The cars were collected from the 1950s to the 1970s by entrepreneur Roger Baillon, who dreamt of restoring them to their former glory and displaying them in a museum. 

However, his plans were dashed as his business struggled, forcing Mr Baillon to sell about 50 of the vehicles.

Since then his collection has sat dormant in makeshift corrugated iron shelters and outbuildings on the farm. 

Mr Baillon died about 10 years ago and his son, Jacques, who inherited the collection, died last year.

Mr Baillon’s grandchildren had no idea of the extent of the collection, calling in car specialists Matthieu Lamoure and Pierre Novikoff of auctioneers Artcurial Motorcars to estimate its value. 


A craft is a profession that requires a particular kind of skilled work.

A craft is a profession that requires a particular kind of skilled work. In a historical sense the term is usually applied to people occupied in small-scale production of goods. In recent years, the craft movement has grown tremendously. Consumers are choosing quality, handcrafted products over mass-produced goods. They want their new purchase to be special and they are willing to pay the extra money for it. And we get that. That’s why this time Indie Brands is looking into the world of craft.

With amongst others: Duke & Sons Leather, Woody Skateboards, Wendy van Wilgenburg (Ambacht in Beeld Festival 2014), Pear Paper, Imkerij Hortensius, Holy Scrap, Granny’s Finest, CrowdyHouse, Letterpress Amsterdam, Afriek, Jasper Andries, DamPlank and De Viltmannen.

Duke & Sons Leather
Jan den Hartogh is a real craftsman who works with his hands. Since he’s a great fan of quality products that lasts a lifetime he started ‘Duke & Sons leather’. This is an independent brand of handmade leather accessories. The perfect material that will becomes prettier the longer you use it. Jan is going to tell us all about his craft and his work, which he ‘learned by doing’.

Woody Skateboards
According to Woody Skateboards skateboarding has lost it’s roots. Mass production took over and now it’s all about producing fast and cheap. They wan’t to bring the DIY spirit from the sixties back to skateboarding. Every skateboard is handmade from locally grown timber. Every board is unique because the wood dictates the way they look. From each board the origin of it’s wood is known, as well as the age, exact location of the tree and reason why it was felled.The shapes are derived from the early boards of the sixties and seventies. But the ride is from these days with the best wheels and setup to surf the concrete waves. Learn more about how to live up to the DIY spirit!*


Granny’s Finest
Granny’s Finest is a fashion label benefiting society. It offers senior citizens social interaction and involvement in a social enterprise. Grannies gather once per week and work together with young designers creating knitted pieces using natural materials such as wool and cotton. Started in 2011, and has now over 300 participants. Through this experience, generations learn from each other while fighting loneliness (Out of 2.6 Million 65+’ers in the Netherlands, one million struggles with loneliness). With the proceeds, the participants are taken on trips and encouraged to live an active ageing life style.

Crowdyhouse is an online marketplace for independent designers and makers. On Crowdyhouse designers present their products and here you can buy directly from the designer. Your support helps the makers and designers to work independent. Each product on Crowdyhouse is produced on a small scale and has a unique story told by the designer.

Letterpress Amsterdam
Thomas Gravemaker, who has extensive experience and knowledge in letterpress and graphic design, worked for many years in the UK and in France, before setting up his own studio. His passion for letterpress began prior to his training at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and has developed over the years. During these years, he has worked on private commissions, taught letterpress and given lectures. He has – after having spent many years in London, Paris and Edinburgh – returned to Amsterdam to take further and refine his craftmanship in his fascinating workshop situated in the centre of the city. Here, he shares his wide knowledge and passion of letterpress and combines new methods with the old ones in creating inspiring products that are always executed to a high standard.

The Indie Brands Events are initiated by Anneloes van Gaalen and Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Project in wording

IMG_7500Mijn eerste serie over Böhmfluitreparateur jan Hoving is hier te zien: Atelier Jan Hoving

Waarschijnlijk ingegeven door mijn grootvader die horlogemaker pur sang was en door wie ik al jong gefascineerd werd. Dit project door mij geïnitieerd zal waarschijnlijk een lange adem krijgen. De door mij gebouwde website zal gevuld worden met anekdotes, foto’s, links, Vimeo filmpjes.